Vicki Stein:  Painter

For the past few years my art work has been inspired by dramatic landscapes and seascapes.
The play of light on water, watching a storm approaching from the horizon, the power and force of a wild sea, looming cliffs and white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise seas and most important, colours, all excite and motivate me.
Vastness, wildness, remoteness, all stimulate the senses.
I use the memories of feelings and visual ideas taken from being amongst nature to create my art back in my studio.
Despite having no formal training I am developing my own techniques to create semi-abstract landscapes and seascapes.
I have recently attended workshops with the artist Anthony Garratt at Newlyn School of Art in Cornwall and been inspired by his use of soil, shellac and iron filings to supply texture to contemporary abstract paintings.
Together with acrylic paints, brush and pallet knife I am beginning to incorporate collage into my work and often this is highlighted and defined using soft pastel and charcoal.


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