Sally Hadley     Handmade paper n Petal Craft & Photography

Sally Hadley

I live in a village in Staffordshire, boasting a picturesque stretch of the Shropshire Union Canal, which provides me with an abundance of photogenic inspiration right on my doorstep

My motivation and inspiration are taken from the desire to capture the atmosphere of the moment, and to convey to others the feeling of being there as I took the photograph. More recently I have turned towards creative flower photography preferring to portray an artistic version of the flowers rather than to record a true nature specimen. I feel this allows me more scope to express the "art" style of photography which I enjoy.

All my images are originaly taken as a photograph, but for some I then use various Photoshop techniques to turn them into pieces of art. I only label my images "photographs" if they have not been changed dramatically from the original, otherwise I use the term "photographic images".

The stunning locations I visit and the beauty of the flowers I photograph have a more significant factor in creating my images than the technical wizardry involved, I hope my feelings and thoughts are portrayed in the images I take and you get as much joy viewing them as I did out of creating them.


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