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Wayne Tomlinson    painter

Wayn Tomlinson


After a career in education, as a teacher, lecturer, manager and of late an education advisor I have
realised my lifelong ambition of becoming a full time painter.
I work in watercolour, acrylics and my favourite favourite…mixed media, using paint plaster, found
objects and lots of energy! I like to work on big canvases.
I am inspired by wild places, especially the sea,
when it crashes into the land. When buildings and
ancient structures meet the landscape in dramatic settings, that’s where I am really inspired.
Lighthouses are a particular passion of mine. They stand majestically and with real purpose, often in a
dramatic setting
We spend as much time near or on the sea as we
can. Pembrokeshire and Yorkshire are favourite
places. When visiting the sea, I try to collect
interesting small objects, such as drift wood, glass
and stones to enhance my larger pieces of work.
I also collect containers of sand to embed, or add texture
to my seascapes. We have cruised in Alaska, New England, Canada and New Zealand. Sketches and
thousands of photographs have provided me with inspiration and coastal subjects for years to come!